Massage Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Massage therapy and injury rehab for wrist pain, carpal tunnel, nerve pain. Massage Therapists in Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Westminster, Gunbarrel, Denver. Do you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? This pain pattern can cause loss of grip strength in your hand or electrical pain in your wrist & hand. This repetitive stress injury is often caused from inflammation of the median nerve under the carpal tunnel (flexor retinaculum ligaments of the wrist). But did you know that the origin of this pain could be from an impingement pattern in your neck & chest called thoracic outlet syndrome.

Massage Therapy Can Help!

At Boulder Therapeutics, we understand that your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be extremely uncomfortable and mentally challenging…and we’re here to help! Our massage therapists are skilled in injury rehab, sports massage and pain relief.

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Causes of Carpal Tunnel or Wrist Pain

So why is your median nerve inflammed? Often the cause is from muscular tension in the flexors & extensors of your wrist muscles. But why are these muscles so tight? Are there imbalances in the neural pathway that feed your arm…like in your neck, chest or upper arm? Or maybe there is scar tissue surrounding the nerve or around your wrist causing more rubbing & friction than necessary? Possibly you hold too much tension in your wrist when you use it at your job or in your sport? Any combination of these examples can cause your pain.[clearboth]

Why Choose Boulder Therapeutics? Injury massage therapy and injury rehab for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & wrist pain, CTS, nerve impingement, repetitive stress injury, wrist, median nerve, weakness, grip strength, scalenes, cervical Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Westminster, Gunbarrel, Denver.

We can help you! We’ll review your posture and help assess the actual cause of your pain because it’s likely that your wrist pain has been slowly building over time. We will also explain when to use ice or heat and will provide stretches & recommendations to help get you feeling better.

Our therapists are trained to assess the cause of your carpal tunnel pain and to unwind the pattern. We will provide the right treatment for you, whether it’s myofascial release, trigger point therapy, a series of muscle energy techniques or active stretching & release.

Our Experience

In addition to working with many local athletes & professional sports teams since 1999, the staff at Boulder Therapeutics works in conjunction with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other health care professionals to provide our clients with the highest level of care possible. We have treated everything from pulled muscles, whiplash and joint pain to scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and severe nerve pain.

Questions About How We Can Help With Your Carpal Tunnel Pain?