Functinoal Movement Screen

Free Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

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Functinoal Movement Screen

One of the FMS screening exercises

What is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

The Functional Movement Screen or FMS is a 10-15 minute screening which involves various exercises and movements. Our practitioners will watch closely and assess any limitations in your movements to determine if the limitation is coming from weakness or immobility/stiffness.

This test can reveal underlying limitations in movement patterns which can be the cause long-term symptoms.

How do we use the FMS?

At Boulder Therapeutics, we share the findings from the screening with your treating chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists (with your permission) and adjust your care based on our findings. We may show you strengthening exercises, release limiting soft-tissue during a treatment or demonstrate mobility exercises to help unwind your patterns.

We will also educate you on your limitations so you can make better decisions with your home routines, exercises or training programs. The information found in this movement testing helps us to support you with a more specific program to increase mobility, strength and function.

How Do Athletes Benefit from the Screening?

We find that many athletes don’t move properly. While strong in many ways, often their exercises are done with imbalances, which can train improper motor function. This screening can help identify those imbalances so athletes can learn how to move properly and start exercising with more efficiency. Think of this like a “tune up” for your training and exercise programs.

Can the FMS be used for Chronic Pain?

While this test is NOT designed for people presently in pain, it can be used for those who continue to get injured and don’t understand why. Once your pain patters are under control, we can use the Functional Movement Screen to identify improper movement patterns…and start correcting them.

Is the FMS Really Free?

As long as the FMS is listed for free on our online booking system, you can schedule the screening for no cost. At some point, we may charge a fee for this service but for now we’re offering it at no cost.

Schedule your FMS Online!

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