Danny Petitti

Danny Petitti, LMT
(contracted therapist: Superior)

Danny is a seasoned Massage Therapist that has been in practice for over a decade. He graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy (DSMT) in 2010. He has had 800 hours of education from DSMT, continued education, and through which, has been certified in several rehabilitative techniques including but not limited to, reflexology and silicone cupping, as well as an extensive array of modalities.

Danny was introduced to massage after a personal experience with an auto injury, which led to receiving regular rehabilitative therapies for an extended time. This experience sparked his passion for the therapeutic art of massage, and he believes that this journey has helped him develop a detailed perspective of the body. In his time as a practitioner, he has worked on a wide variety of clients, with an even wider variety of muscular issues.

Style of Work
To help his clients achieve the most optimal results, Danny uses a combination of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Active and Passive Stretching, Structural Bodywork, and Trigger Point Therapy. Danny is a great listener and able to work very deeply, when appropriate, but he also has the skill and knowledge of the body to work slowly and with less pressure. Danny has excellent rapport with his clients, which allows him to achieve and maintain a very high retention and rebook rate. His goal is to help you heal fast and to educate you on home care so you’re empowered to participate in the healing process.

In his decade of literal hands-on experience, he has had the pleasure of working on MMA fighters, marathon and endurance runners, rock climbers, as well as the pleasure of helping heal those who have been injured in auto or other accidents. At his previous job, he was in such high demand, that he was booked solid for almost a year in advance.


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