COVID-19 Antibody Test

COVID-19 Antibody Test

Our owner, David, receiving a COVID19 Antibody Test.

We are no longer offering COVID19 Antibody testing.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The cost of the test is $99/person.

What Is A COVID-19 Antibody Test?

Antibody tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which can show if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

How We Administer Our Antibody Test?

Our licensed practitioners use a 10 Minute Rapid Detection fingerstick lateral flow device antibody test. It’s quick and relatively painless. An example of a lateral flow device is a home pregnancy test. They are easy to use and provide results in a couple minutes. We do NOT need to send your test off to a separate lab and you will have results within 10 minutes.

Which Antibodies Do We Test For?

The Antibody Test we use tests for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) N-Protein Antibodies. It detects both IgM and IgG antibodies to the coronavirus N-protein in serum, plasma, and peripheral blood.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Antibody Test!

Our online scheduler shows our actual availability and we only offer testing during the times listed on our online scheduling system. Cost $99/test

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What Is The Difference Between IgM and IgG Antibodies?

Your immune system produces antibodies in response to an infection. There are 2 types of antibodies (N-protein) produced to fight the COVID-19 infection.

    A valid negative test without any antibodies present.

    IgM Antibodies

    IgM antibodies are usually the first antibody produced by the immune system when the COVID-19 virus attacks. If you test positive for IgM antibodies, your body has started fighting the virus or you may have recently recovered from an infection. A positive test may also indicate that you are still infected and we recommend consulting with your doctor if you test positive for this antibody.

    IgG Antibodies

    IgG antibodies usually develop 7-10 days after COVID-19 symptoms begin. They remain in your blood after an infection has has passed and are considered “memory antibodies.” A positive test indicates that you may have had COVID-19 in the recent past and have developed antibodies. These IgG antibodies may protect you from future infections but it is still unknown how much protection IgG antibodies protect us from reinfection.

Who Can Get Tested?

We can test anyone, of any age, who believe they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus at least a few weeks prior. For the most accurate testing and to be as safe as possible, this test is NOT for people displaying COVID-19 symptoms at the time of testing.

How Long Does The Antibody Test Take?

The test is very fast. Schedule your 15 minute IgM/IgG Antibody Test online with our acupuncturist to have your test administered at our Boulder or Superior office. The results of this test are immediate and you will have the results within 10 minutes. We can provide written documentation of your test results but make no guarantee that these written results will meet airline, business or other requirements.

If you are scheduling for 4 or less people, please only book under one name and one 15 minute appointment so we can administer all tests at once. We are adding more hours to the schedule weekly.

Schedule Your Antibody Test!

Boulder or Superior.
Cost $99/test

How Accurate Is Our Rapid Test Kit?

The IgG/IgM rapid test kits that we use have a 90.4% sensitivity (true positive) and a 98.3% specificity (true negative) rate.

Is Our Test FDA Approved?

Due to the rapid onset of COVID-19, laboratories were given Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) through the FDA to allow for testing as quickly as possible. The test we use was submitted to the FDA for approval on March 16, 2020. All labs started with the EUA provisional approval, however, less than 5% of the labs have been formally approved at the date of this article. It appears that the FDA has been focusing on PCR tests which require a blood draw and are usually sent to a lab before results can be determined. That doesn’t mean the tests we use are invalid.

If a positive IgG or IgM designation is made, we would refer you to another medical professional for more information. These tests should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection or to inform infection status. list of approved tests.

Questions About our COVID-19 Antibody Test?