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Massage Therapy & Quitting Smoking Article

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We Were Quoted in a Recent Article The Real Cost of Quitting Smoking Original article by 4/13/12 Our Injury Specialist, David, was contacted by in February to discuss using massage therapy to help people who are trying to quit smoking. We told them that our work was about supporting people on their path to making healthy lifestyle choices. …

massage therapy for professional athletes

Sports Massage for Broomfield Athletes

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Broomfield Sports Massage Therapy (as of June 2016, this office has moved to Superior) We’re fortunate to be a part of Impact Sports Performance , Colorado’s Premiere Sports Performance and Injury Rehab facility in Broomfield. Since 2009, we’ve been working on creating packages for youth and professional athletes that bring together massage therapy, physical therapy w/Synapse Physical Therapy, nutrition and …

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body…or not

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Yogis, I’m sure you were shocked to read the New York Times article, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body, published on Jan 5th, 2012. While a bit sensationalized and dated in its examples, there is some truth to the article. Let’s use this opportunity to hear the warnings and modify our practice accordingly. It’s important to recognize that yoga, like …

lower back pain from a lumbar disc bulge

Lower Back Pain from a Lumbar Disc Injury

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As a massage therapist and anatomy instructor, I receive many questions about herniated discs and lower back pain. This amazing 4 minute video gives a view inside our bodies with 3D animation. See the anatomy behind how our vertebra stack on top of one another, how they move around the spinal cord and how the spinal nerves exit the spinal …

proper sleep positions

Proper Sleeping Positions

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Proper Sleeping Positions It’s not uncommon for people to wake up with discomfort in their neck or back. Sleeping is the time for our bodies and brains to rest and “reset.” It’s unfortunate that many people wake up in pain. Below are some tips to help you find a comfortable, biomechanically correct posture while sleeping. Avoid Sleeping on your Stomach! …

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Healthy Living

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Healthy Living Boulder Therapeutics believes that healthy living is a lifestyle choice and something we do for ourselves and family everyday. During our massage sessions various health-related issues and topics are often discussed and we feel this information should be shared with all of our clients. We have created a list of links that we refer our clients to regularly. …

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Using Alternative Therapies to Treat Injuries

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Quoted in Elevations Outdoors Magazine The Doctor is in Meditation We’d like to thank Chris Kassar for recently interviewing our Injury Specialist, David Abookire, for her article on healing athletic injuries thru alternative medicine. Look for it in the September issue of Elevations Outdoors Magazine. The article quotes many local practitioners from acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy and even some …


Moving Inward

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Warm one day, cold the next. With the change in seasons, consider adding some indoor activities to your routine. This is a great time of year to focus on a yoga program, pilates class or to sneak in a swim. Of course, a massage is always a nice addition to these activities. We encourage you to review some of the …


Hypermobile vs Hypomobile?

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Are your joints hypermobile or hypomobile? Did you know that injuries can be caused from joints being too tight or too loose? If you’re hypermobile or hypomobile, it’s best to know so you can modify your activities and prevent injuries. Hypermobility Hypermobile joints, or hypermobility, are joints that are too loose and move excessively. This condition makes your joints less …

Snow Shoveler

10 Safe Snow Shoveling Tips!

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Safe Shoveling Tips Here are some tips to help minimize your shoveling effort and keep you healthy for your next adventure. Be extra careful when there is wet, heavy snow. Do a little warm-up stretch before you begin. Get out early and start shoveling before it gets too deep! (this gets you on the slopes faster too) Be sure to …