In the News: Voyage Denver Interview w/David Abookire

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We want to thank Voyage Denver for interviewing our owner and founder, David Abookire. They were gracious enough to approach us and add us to their “Denver’s Most Inspiring Stories” section: “Inspiring Conversations with David Abookire of Boulder Therapeutics” Click here to read the article and learn more about why we LOVE what we do! Our Services: Sports Massage Injury …

Acupuncture Needles Don’t Hurt: Your Questions Answered

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Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture Needles: It’s not uncommon for people to ask us questions about Acupuncture Needles. Thank you Dr. Selena for your insightful video and answers. We LOVE educating our patients and about the modalities we offer. Do acupuncture needles hurt? Acupuncture needles are very thin, about the size of a hair strand. Although you might feel a …

Stay Healthy this Fall

Acupuncture During the Change of Seasons: Autumn is the Season of the Lungs

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How the Fall affects the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine Stay Healthy This Fall With the change of seasons comes the preparation for the upcoming change in weather. In the fall, we start to change our wardrobe, maybe add a little pumpkin spice into our diet, and welcome scents that remind us of cherished memories. In Traditional Chinese Medicine …

movement class for athletes

Primal Re-Patterning for Athletes

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MOVEMENT CLASS: Join us on Saturday, Oct 23, 2021 9-11am hosted by Linnea Rothenmaier, Master Pilates Instructor, AiM Practitioner, CPT, RYT Learn simple yet profound skills to increase innate movement potential. Gain insight to some of your movement limitations to understand what holds you back. $59 pre-register by 10/21 $65 day of registration call 360-628-1311 with questions. Space is limited.

Voted Boulder’s BEST Massage Therapy Clinic 2020

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VOTED BEST MASSAGE BOULDER…Thank you! We are humbled and honored to be recognized as the Daily Camera’s BEST MASSAGE CLINIC for 2020 as voted by CU and Boulder! We love our community and thank everyone for their support. We strive to give exceptional service and work hard to help our clients heal fast. Google 5-Star Rated We also want to …

Seated Posture: Proper Alignment to Avoid Neck and Back Pain

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Reduce Neck and Back Pain when Sitting Learn how to sit with good posture and proper spinal alignment. (watch the video) Stop Slouching! No Hunchbacks Please. Slouching or sitting in a hunched position can permanently alter your posture. If your job or schoolwork involves long hours of sitting, then your muscles and joints can get stiff, weak or imbalanced, causing …

sports massage

Self-Care and Sports Massage for Ski and Snowboard Instructors

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Quoted in the Winter 2020 “32 Degrees Magazine: The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction.” Tips for a Successful Season: How to Keep your Mind, Body, and Gear in the Best Shape Possible. We’d like to thank Krista Crabtree for interviewing our Injury Specialist, David Abookire, for her article on Tips for a Successful Season in the Winter 2020 edition of …

What is Therapeutic Massage Therapy?

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What is a Therapeutic Massage? Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a style of massage therapy which focuses on getting results vs. just relaxing. Using this term indicates that the purpose of the massage is to achieve a structural change or therapeutic benefit in the body. It is style of treatment where massage therapists mobilize your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia, etc) …