Steven Goldin

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Steven Goldin, LMT, CMT
(contracted therapist: Boulder & Superior)

Steven has been offering clinically oriented movement and manual therapies since 2007. He is passionate about learning and has studied with numerous teachers and learned several systems to correct dysfunction in the body. His unique education in structural and functional human anatomy, movement and manipulative therapies has helped him achieve wonderful results with athletes, injured clients and those with chronic pain.

Steven’s work addresses the concerns of anyone experiencing pain, dysfunction or tightness in their body. His work is aimed to improve the structure, function, and energy of the body while teaching specific methods for maintaining your results and continually expanding awareness and freedom in the body.

Steven’s extensive education and therapeutic offerings are designed to address every level of physical functioning; bone, joint, connective tissue, fascia, muscle, neurological and neuro-motor function. He has had particular success and experience working with hypermobility, head-neck-jaw pain, (intra-oral work), pelvic and low back pain and dysfunction, frozen shoulder, and extremity work (especially feet, ankles and knees).

Recently relocated from the Bay Area, Steven was working extensively with pre-professional and professional members of SF Ballet and City Ballet School as well as desk workers, crossfitters, fighters, bicyclists and athletes of all kinds. Steven has worked in physical therapy clinics also has several years’ experience working with children.

Steven is tirelessly passionate about human movement of all kinds. A multi-sport athlete since age 5, Steven has spent the last 15 years exploring martial arts, dance, circus arts, Tai Chi Push Hands, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, and most recently he has been diving deeply into the work of Ido Portal and Movement Culture. In 2021, Steven plans to begin a 4-year training in the Feldenkrais Method.

Experience: Steven has worked with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Naturopathic Doctors, Pilates instructors and Crossfit athletes. He also has extensive experience with professional athletes, professional dancers, injured clients and those working thru chronic pain or orthopedic conditions. His constant pursuit for more knowledge has led him to train extensively in advanced techniques with a diversity in focus and strategy, allowing Steven to blend his techniques to correct pain patterns.


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