Sarah Tolve

Sarah Tolve, LMT massage therapistSarah Tolve, LMT, RMT, CPT, RYT-200
(contracted therapist at Boulder-30th & Superior)

Sarah moved to Hawaii and we miss her. We have other wonderful massage therapists on staff. Please review their bios or call us to discuss the best fit for your specific needs.

Sarah has been a professional massage therapist since 2003, when she graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She received an Associate’s degree in Personal Fitness in 2007 and became a yoga instructor in 2013.

Sarah has helped clients dramatically change their lives by getting them out of the pain-trauma-pain cycle. She blends her knowledge of personal fitness, yoga and different therapeutic techniques to build her clients’ body awareness and postural balance. Her knowledge and experience in deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching and injury rehabilitation has made her an incredibly successful massage therapist. Her compassion and empathy for her clients, and her ability to educate them on ways to unwind their pain patterns, is the reason that clients continue to rebook with Sarah.

Sarah’s work is often described as “incredibly knowledgeable” and “she has a wonderfully healing touch.” She has worked along-side with doctors, nutritionists, and acupuncturists in different therapeutic and medical facilities. She has experience working and rehabilitating clients who have recovered from surgery, accidents, sport injuries, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, car accidents, vertebral disc issues and many other injuries.

Experience: Sarah has worked in medical facilities, wellness centers, athletic clubs and even worked overseas as a massage therapist on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. She received her American Council on Exercise certificate in 2006 and began working with her clients to build strength to heal chronic and repetitive movement injuries. After her daughter was born in 2012, she felt called to incorporate whole body healing. Using her knowledge as a Yoga instructor, she now loves to teach her clients good postural alignment, the importance of a regular stretching routine and also the unity of body, mind, spirit; breath awareness and stillness. She is passionate about change and knows that when a client is truly open and ready for change to happen, that is when true healing can begin.


Boulder-30th St.:
Sunday morning/early afternoon
Tuesday morning

Thursday afternoon/evening
Saturday morning/afternoon

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“I have seen Sarah twice for a massage. I had spinal fusion two years ago, and have dealt with low back pain for years. Sarah asks detailed questions to pinpoint the sources of my pain and works systematically to target the exact muscles. She has very strong hands, and is able to really release the knots and tension. She has also given me at home stretches and exercises to do in between massages, to help relieve my pain. I highly recommend her for therapeutic massages to relieve pain from injuries.”