Rene DeLange

Rene DeLange, LMT, AA Kinesiology, Kinesio tape certified, BA Sports and Exercise Science.
(contracted therapist: Superior)

Rene graduated with honors from Brightwood College Massage School in 2007. She is passionate about learning and returned to college to receive an AA in Kinesiology in 2016. She graduated with honors, again, from the University of Northern Colorado in 2018, with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and a minor in sports psychology. She has also attended workshops from Erik Dalton for myoskeletal alignment and is certified to apply Kinesio tape. She is also trained in Prenatal massage.

Rene grew up in Virginia and went to live in Brazil, where she studied art, Portuguese & Spanish. She was a corporate group exercise and yoga instructor for 10 years and decided she wanted to help people more by becoming a sports massage specialist.

Rene worked as a massage therapist at Camp Pendleton military base for 9 years. Working with athletic military personnel, she treated symptoms from bootcamp, basic training, war injuries, helicopter injuries, motorcycle crashes and wear and tear at the gym. She utilized the techniques of massage, stretching and specific strengthening exercises to help heal scar tissue and numbness from accidents and alleviate many muscle syndromes and joint pain, headaches, foot cramps and sprains.

Rene worked with the All-Armed Services teams such in grappling, basketball, rugby and football. She treated Navy corpsman, active duty of all ranks, family members, civilians and platoons even came to her to learn how to stretch and the benefits of massage.

Rene shares her knowledge with those who work with her. She can explain how lack of circulation, old injuries, joint misalignment and scar tissue can inhibit ones athletic ability and cause discomfort and inflammation. She created “The Steel Core Series” to alleviate a bound up diaphragm, and allow for more efficient breathing. Her unique “Shoulder Shop” became a popular fix for misaligned and tight shoulders from overuse and rotator cuff injuries. Her program for sports specific common complaints such as for skiers and snowboarders, “The Sy Method” helps to align the legs so that they pull evenly on the hips and SI joint. She also addresses neuropathic pain and arthritis and has experience with ALS, Downs syndrome, scoliosis, paralyzation, amputations and prosthetics. She has been invited to work with the 2024 US Paralympic golf team.

Rene’s area of expertise is joint stability, connective tissue, posture, biomechanics and breathing. No matter what the issue; surgery, a sprain, knots or general tightness, she will help you return to your play better and stronger.

Experience: Rene currently works with pro athletes in the fields of snowboarding, like Sylas P. Moran (whom the Sy Method is named after) and Olympian Tyler Nicholson, a current Canadian snowboard Big Air and slope style participant in the 2018 Winter Olympics. She has worked at the X games in Aspen for 2 years and with current New Zealand Pro surfers like Paige Hareb, Australian X game Pro skateboarder Jake Brown, triathletes, like Norwegian Red Bull sponsored Ironwoman Camilla Pederson and many mountain bikers and body builders.

In her down time, she likes being with her family and making friends. She was on the ultimate frisbee team at UNC and continues her yoga practice there. She likes to travel and loves the outdoors. She enjoys mountain biking, rivers, camping and bon fires. Rene also tries to keep up with her Portuguese and Spanish.


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