Michelle Rosenthal

Michelle Rosenthal, LMT, BS, BSW, NLC
(contracted therapist: Superior)

This therapist no longer works at Boulder Therapeutics

Michelle has been treating people with chronic pain and injuries since graduating from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2006. She recognizes that massage therapy is a necessary tool for aiding in the healing of pain and stress and promoting a healthy, balanced life. With her deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and comprehensive assessment skills, Michelle is able to effectively address not only her clients’ pain symptoms, but to get to the root of their complaints, treating them with the goal of overall healing. Michelle acknowledges that massage therapy can be an integral part of a person’s wellness, and provides a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment, using compassion and expertise to help with each client’s healing processes.

Michelle has a holistic approach to understanding the human body and uses a variety of modalities and techniques from a broad range of wellness therapies to cater each massage to the current needs of each client. She has helped many individuals avoid surgeries, rehabilitate from surgeries, as well as help with recovery from years of chronic pain. She has worked with a range of clients from elite athletes to weekend warriors, as well as office athletes who deal with chronic postural challenges and job stress. Michelle is also certified as a pre- and post-natal massage therapist.

Michelle is also a Colorado registered psychotherapist, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Somatic Counseling and Body Psychotherapy. This education has helped her to create a trauma-informed approach to massage therapy in which she is attentive to the needs of her clients’ emotional well-being as well as their physical comfort. She believes in the innate wisdom of all individuals and the ability for each of us to heal using information that our bodies already have.

Experience: Michelle has been practicing massage therapy since 2006. Her experience includes operating a private practice for 12 years, using techniques such as orthopedic massage, deep tissue and fascial release, sports massage, pre- and post-natal massage, and structural relief therapy (a technique used to decrease involuntary muscle contraction using the muscle’s own energy, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion).

When not doing massage therapy, Michelle enjoys spending time with her sweet dog, hiking, camping, swimming, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.



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