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Josh sports massage louisville superiorJosh W, LMT
(contracted therapist: Superior)

Josh is a highly skilled massage therapist who graduated from the Healing Spirits School of Massage Therapy in Boulder in 2015. His education was comprehensive and covered several advanced massage modalities. He has over 900 hours of massage instruction, graduated with honors in anatomy and continued his education with an additional 300 hour training program in Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage.

Josh has an extensive background working with athletes and injuries. He believes that there is an athlete in everyone and he specializes in working with all types of injuries…not just athletic ones. His personal experience with sports and injuries is what drew him to a career in massage therapy. He has worked at various fitness and training centers, including the University of Colorado. Josh brings an effective and therapeutic treatment for the whole body by applying traditional Western modalities like Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Technique along with Eastern modalities such as Thai Yoga Massage and Shiatsu, when appropriate. He is also trained in Prenatal massage.

Josh can provide deep, sustained pressure when needed, but is a clear communicator and can work lightly as well. Each session is customized for your needs. Josh attributes his sense of touch to his many years of studying martial arts where he developed an intuitive sense of the body. With over 1,000 hours of training he utilizes many modalities of massage and commands a comprehensive understanding of the human body and its movement patterns.

Josh has always been athletic and has worked through surgeries and injuries in his own sports career. He understands how important it is to help his injured athletes and clients heal fast so they can get back to the activities they love. He has worked with field and court athletes, triathletes, endurance sports competitors and sports teams.

Experience: Josh has always been an athlete. He was a semi-pro cyclist, bodybuilder and Crossfitter and he competed in martial arts for 7 years. He knows athletes and understands how to work with clients to keep them active. He has worked with numerous endurance athletes, sports teams and competitors at training centers and has also worked at CU Boulder. Josh also enjoys camping and hiking in the outdoors.


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“I was referred to Boulder Therapeutics for a work related injury. The treatments I have been provided with have been incredible. Josh is amazing! He not only provides an excellent therapeutic massage, but explains the process along the way. You can tell he is passionate about his profession and is genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of his patients. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.”

“Josh has been excellent to work with so far. I climb regularly and honestly probably over exercise, so I’m very thankful for his body work. He finds all my problem areas quickly and shows me exercises to work on them myself. Highly recommend!”

“I had a very good experience with injury rehab massage with Josh. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and adaptable. My next day’s run went well, with the injury subsided. Thanks!”