Gene Fedorov

Gene Fedorov massage therapist BoulderGene Fedorov, LMT, RMT, RYT-200
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

This therapist no longer works at Boulder Therapeutics

Gene grew up in Minsk, Belarus, was trained in the Soviet School of Gymnastics and participated in competitions from age 6. He received his massage therapy education from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2007 and his personal trainer certification in 2006. Gene was also an EMT working with acute trauma patients in hospitals and on ambulances for 6 years. He is also trained in Prenatal massage.

Gene has been active in rigorous strength and athletic conditioning programs for his entire life. Along with his gymnastics, Gene has been involved in hockey, skiing, soccer, tennis and martial arts. Massage and Bodywork have been instrumental to Gene’s recovery during his training process, for injury prevention and pre and post competition. Gene has also had a yoga practice for 10+ years which has been instrumental in both his recovery from a physically active lifestyle and also helpful for his mindfulness and body awareness. Gene has also been a ski instructor in Vail.

Gene has acquired an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the mechanics of the human body. Massage Therapy has always been highly regarded in Europe for its benefits and Gene is passionate about providing the highest level of care to his clients. He strongly believes in the effectiveness of massage therapy programs that are built around a specific focus, need or goal, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

Gene is very focused on the assessment of his client’s current condition and he listens to what each client wants and needs to make every session a step forward on the road to recovery. In his massage therapy practice, Gene integrates different massage techniques and modalities together for a customized session whether it is for pain alleviation, injury rehab, races and event training or for regular maintenance.

Gene’s greatest aspiration as a massage therapist and personal trainer is to motivate his clients for a positive change. He brings body awareness and mindfulness to every session and will help customize a program specific for you.

Experience: Gene has worked with numerous athletes. He was a massage therapist at athletic clubs in Chicago and also worked as a personal trainer and an EMT for many years. Gene has worked at many sports events including the Chicago marathon, triathlons, rugby tournaments, soccer games and golf tournaments. He has helped a number of athletes train for races and recover from injuries. Gene enjoys blending his passion for athletics with his massage therapy degree, his personal training certification, his long-standing yoga practice and his love of the outdoors. Gene has experience working with athletes, whiplash, chronic pain and many other injuries.


Tuesday afternoon/evening
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“Gene Fedorov did an excellent job addressing my issues, and I had a great experience. As a former massage therapist myself, I’d highly recommend Gene to anyone looking for good myofascial work or sports massage.”