Erica Belfiore

Erica massage therapist louisville superiorErica Belfiore, LMT, BS, masters in process.
(contracted therapist: Superior)

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Erica received her massage therapy certification at the College of Natural Health in FL in 2017. With her 15 years of previous experience teaching of yoga therapy & yoga teacher trainings, massage therapy quickly became a passion which has afforded her to work one-on-one with diverse clients such as athletes, bodybuilders, post surgery patients, chronic pain clients, and anyone that is seeking rehabilitation or athletic optimization. Erica will demonstrate stretches, exercises and proper posture to help you understand more about how to create an ideal environment in which your body can function and perform.

Erica has taken many certification courses and blends her numerous techniques into her treatments, such as: Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Positional Release Technique, Assisted Stretching, Graston Technique, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage and Therapeutic Deep Tissue. She is also working toward a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration with an emphasis on Alternative Medicine.

Erica is passionate about learning, attentive to her clients and utilizes her intuitive skills to listen deeply to the body’s needs. She taps into her extensive knowledge and skills so she can provide an effective, lasting and healing treatment for her patients that goes beyond the time on her table. Her work helps to bring your body back to neutral alignment for functional and optimal movement. Erica’s primary goal is to help her clients perform better and find relief from pain.

Experience: Erica has worked in a physical therapy environment alongside Athletic Trainers bridging therapies for high-performing athletes and medical massage for pre and post operative scenarios. She has been a Therapeutic Yoga teacher for over 15 years working with those with tightness, range of motion challenges and pain patterns.

Interests: Erica maintains a yoga teaching schedule in the Boulder area. She enjoys climbing, hiking, and trail running. Dance is a huge part of her life and finding outlets that are joyful and expressive keep providing her a platform to which she can continue to be present and fully committed to being an effective therapist.


Monday afternoon/evening
Saturday morning thru evening

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