Brian Blanck

brain blanck headshot Brian Blanck, LMT, RMT
(contracted therapist: Boulder)

Brian graduated with a 4.0 from Heritage College in Denver, CO in 2008 earning a degree in Therapeutic Massage. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Brian was a carpenter for 15 years. He enjoyed working with his hands and always felt a desire to work in the medical field to help people. When he was introduced to massage therapy, he found his calling. Brian loves what he can do through massage to help people.

Graduating at the top of his class provided Brian with an internship with the University of Denver athletic program. He was fortunate enough to work with over 100 different college athletes including some of DU’s finest and help them prepare for and recover from competition. As an experienced massage therapist he has seen many different injuries from elite athletes to private injuries and he takes the time and care to design a specific plan for each client. Brian customizes his treatments specifically for your needs using several different techniques including Sports/Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue work, (ART) active release technique, Myo Skeletal and Swedish Massage, among others. Brian is a very intuitive therapist. He can provide very deep pressure, but also has the skill to provide a more nurturing touch when necessary. His therapeutic nature flows over into massaging a few physically disabled children at North Metro Community Services.

Experience: Brian was the Head Massage Therapist at a chiropractic clinic in Denver for four years performing all chair and table massages while training and mentoring new massage therapists. He has also worked with college athletes at DU and his son’s high school football team.


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“I just wanted to say thank you and to give a shout out to Brian after our session yesterday morning. I’ve been a long time believer in the healing power of massage and have had many professional massages over the years to treat sports injuries, neck pain from poor posture, etc., etc., and I have to admit that my eyes were opened yesterday. I have never had such success in releasing tension/relieving pain in a single, one hour session as I did this time. He was very thorough, precise, and I learned several new techniques (breathing, movement, etc.) that greatly increased my satisfaction and overall comfort. Thank you again for offering such great service and service providers! Right on, Brian! See you next week!”

“Brian has been my massage therapist for nine months. When I first started seeing him I felt immediate results with my shoulder pain. His massage therapy techniques consistently help with any age related or sports related stiffness or pain I may be experiencing. Brian is a sensitive, strong and knowledgeable thereapist. I prefer “deep” tissue massage. And I appreciate Brian’s sensitivity in making sure he is not going too deep. I highly recommend Brian. Thank you Brian for all you have done for me.”

“I went to Boulder Therapeutics for massage therapy and it was the best treatment I have ever received for my shoulder, neck and arm pain. The pain developed from the physical strain at my work. I met with Brian and only had a few sessions. The session completely healed my shoulder, neck and arm and I do not have anymore pain in those areas. I am now pain-free day and night, I can sleep much easier. The Boulder Therapeutics massage therapy was better than physical therapy. I’ve been to many other places. Physical therapy was slow and I still had pain. BT was much faster. I was the best treatment. I highly recommend Boulder pharmaceuticals. Location is very convenient and nice.”