Brenna Lofgren

Brenna Lofgren, LMT
(contracted therapist: Superior)

Brenna’s interest in massage and bodywork started at a young age. She has always had a love for understanding and learning how the body moves and functions, especially in the athletic setting. As a lifelong athlete, competing in gymnastics since she was a youth and in field hockey at the collegiate level, Brenna understands the struggles that come with rehabilitating an injury and keeping the body healthy while training.

Brenna received her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and Nutrition. She assisted in gathering nutritional research to create applicable solutions for food insecurity. Brenna also spent a full semester abroad in Sydney, Australia where she participated in an immersive cadaver lab. There, she was able to expand her knowledge in human anatomy.

Brenna went on to work as Medical Assistant for 2 years in a surgical podiatry office in Boston, MA. Here she was trained in x-rays, orthotic scanning and fitting, and performed Electro Shock Wave Therapy on patients. Her time at this job really pushed her to continue her education in the medical field, so she studied at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. She received 625 hours of massage therapy training and completed 91 hours of clinical sessions.

Brenna’s ideal client is anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge in health and wellness. She loves to engage with her clients about their goals in hopes that she can provide a space to help meet them. She prides herself on her deep, intentional, therapeutic touch and gives that extra attention to areas in need. Whether you are here to decompress or receive a sports focused massage, Brenna brings a well-rounded approach to her work. She is a very warm and out-going person and will always be in your corner to help you through your needs.

Experience: Health Sciences & Nutrition undergraduate, MA at surgical office for 2 yrs, immersive cadaver lab study, competitive gymnast & field hockey player.

Interests: Brenna is an avid snowboarder and hiker. She leads an active lifestyle and is always looking for recommendations for things to do locally and out in the mountains. When not working, she enjoys taking her dog for runs and cooking extravagant meals with her close friends.



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“Brenna is an incredible massage therapist! I highly recommend her services!”–Chuck H

“Brenna is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend her.”–Robert M