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A: We have every client fill out a health history form and review your past injuries, surgeries and accidents. We’re here to help facilitate your health so we encourage an open dialogue with you to ensure you’re receiving the right amount of pressure in the areas most needed. Sometimes those areas are not the areas you feel discomfort. We also educate you on your areas of tightness, range of motion and provide an overview of your care after the session.
A: Wear comfortable clothing to your session. We use lotions instead of oils to limit the amount of oil on your skin. We leave the room and ask that you undress to your level of comfort before getting under the sheets. During the session, we always drape/cover our clients to provide a high level of privacy.
A: Beginning with your scheduled session start time, your session will include 50 or 80 minutes of work, depending on the session length you purchase.
A: We always communicate with you to determine the correct amount of pressure desired. During treatment work, we ask you to rate your discomfort on a 1-10 scale and maintain a therapeutic level of pressure below an 8. We want you to accept the work and not fight us so we can work together to resolve your symptoms. With deeper work, sometimes your muscles feel achy the next day. We recommend drinking lots of water!
A: We specialize in soft-tissue work. That’s work on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. If you have pain patterns in any of these structures or if your pain is caused by any of these then massage therapy is often a helpful modality.
A: Ask if they’re certified or licensed (each state is different), ask where they went to school and if they have at least 1000 hours of training. Do they have a business license and insurance to work in the state? Are they a member of a professional organization? Do they have advanced training, skills or experience with athletes, injuries or special modalities you’re looking for? Do they keep treatment notes after every session?
A: Intake paperwork provides a snapshot of your medical history. Often, this document leads us to ask better questions to help formulate a treatment plan specific for you. It also helps us see your medical history as it relates to your current discomfort. Even if you’re coming in to relax, it’s important for us to review this document with you before starting the session. You can find a copy of our “Client Intake Form” by clicking here. We don’t have front desk staff so please complete this document on your computer before you come in.
A: As part of your medical treatment team, it is very important for us to maintain (confidential) records of your treatments after each session. Our records are used to track progress and change treatment plans if needed. Further, these notes are important if you’re ever in an accident or working with other medical practitioners so we can provide an accurate description of your treatments, strategy and progress if ever requested (with your permission).
A: There are some times when it’s best not to receive a massage. Specifically, if you’re sick or suffering from an illness where massage is contraindicated. We can discuss these contraindications with you and your doctor before scheduling your session with us.
A: We blend a number of techniques and modalities that have been utilized with great success to produce fast results. Our sessions are educational and encourage you to embody your experience while on the table. You will understand what is causing your discomfort and will be educated on ways to prevent future discomfort and injury. We customize the session to meet your needs based on your intake form, treatment notes and complaints of the day and communicate our plan with you. We also incorporate stretches, basic exercises/strengthening programs, posture and biomechanics retraining can provide stim/TENS units if needed.
A: Our level of education, experience and professionalism of the staff distinguishes us from other similar facilities. At all 3 of our locations, staff members have trained with our Sports/Injury Specialist to help enhance our skill sets. Also, we take great pride in the partnerships and collaborative efforts we have with other health and wellness professionals and sports teams & facilities.
A: Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, breathwork, postural analysis and correction and Trigger Point Therapy. We blend all of these modalities into our own styles using our experience with physical therapists, chiropractors, hospitals and professional athletes. (see Massage Terminology)


A: By increasing circulation, decreasing muscular tension and increasing joint range of motion your body moves more efficiently and with less effort thus increasing athletic performance.
A: While results vary for everyone, you’ll typically know if our treatments are working within 2 to 4 visits. If you’re new to massage, sometimes we release a lot of toxins in the first few visits so progress may take a little longer. We’ll continue to discuss your progress and goals to ensure you’re receiving the correct treatment.


A: click here for more information We accept Auto Insurance Billing if you have Medical Payments Coverage (MPC) and if you have a doctor’s prescription. We may also be able to accept Attorney Liens for auto accidents.

We accept Worker’s Compensation insurance as long as the work is preapproved by your employer and you have a doctor’s prescription.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) your therapeutic massage may be tax deductible. And if your employer offers a Cafeteria Plan , your therapeutic massage may be reimbursable or covered! Talk to your plan administrator, then call us.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any other medical insurance plans at this time.

A: A thorough review of your health & medical history, discussion about your symptoms or medical condition and how they may relate to your history, a rating of your symptoms on a pain scale from 1-10 and an outline of our treatment protocol (what you should expect while we’re working).
A: While results vary for everyone, you should know if this is the right place for you within 3-5 sessions.
A: (click here for more information) Yes, we see quite a few at our offices. We are very familiar with whiplash injuries and other symptoms related to a motor vehicle accident and have therapists who specialize in treating auto accidents. We work closely with referring doctors and we have relationships with a number of attorneys for those requiring such services.


A: All our therapists are certified, insured, have over 500 hours of training from accredited schools with high grades and have passed credit & background checks. We have been working in the Boulder/Denver area since 1999 providing massage therapy to individuals, companies, sports teams and performance companies. We have an Injury Specialist at our Boulder location who is also available to come onsite and offer Injury Evaluations. And we can create a webpage specifically for your company offering discounts on massage therapy sessions for your employees and their spouses at our 3 office locations.
A: You provide a room for us to work in, a place to put a sign-up sheet and a way to communicate with your employees (usually e-mail) to notify them when we’ll be onsite. We customize our plans to meet your needs and are open to discussing your needs & concerns to make this benefit right for you. The more participation there is by the employer, the more this benefit is utilized. an onsite person to coordinate with and we can take care of the rest.
Company Benefits:

  • Increases Employee Retention
  • Improves Productivity
  • Helps Recruit Talented Employees
  • Improves Job Satisfaction
  • Decreases Absenteeism

Employee Benefits:

  • Helps Prevent Repetative Stress Injuries
  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Improves Problem Solving
  • Strengthens Immunity