We understand athletes! Weekend warriors to professional athletes can expect our massage therapists to provide more than a typical Sports Massage. Stretches, posture work and more.

Sports Massage Therapy

Injury Rehab & Medical Massage

We work with acute & chronic pain, poor posture, repetitive stress and orthopedic injuries? We can help with an auto accident, worker’s comp injury or before or after surgery.

Injury Massage | Advanced Care

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Muscles tight? This work is designed to release your deeper muscle layers and provide relief from tightness, exercise or old pain patterns. Full-body or a focused treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Acupuncture Treatments

Sports Acupuncture to increase performance and recover faster. Injury work for pain and acute or chronic injuries. Wellness treatments to help your body find balance.

Sports & Wellness Acupuncture


Trigger Point Dry Needling

With care & precision, we can place a needle directly into a trigger point or tight muscle for relief. We may also run electrical stimulation thru the needle. We also offer Trigger Point Injections.

Dry Needling (TDN)

Chiropractic Care

We offer thorough evaluations and holistic, comprehensive chiropractic care. Expect specific, focused chiropractic adjustments, E-stim, heat and therapeutic exercises from caring doctors.

Chiropractic Care


Our injury massage treatments will focus on your specific pain patterns.

Our injury massage therapists will provide advanced modalities to treat your specific injury. Common injuries we treat:

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